Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Believe Me, I Couldn't Make This Up!

I always think of travel as an adventure; unexpected things crop up that can never be anticipated.  Boy, wasn't that ever right for this trip!

I got on the train in Southboro Ma at 1656, as scheduled.  The train made it one stop- to Ashland- and the locomotive stopped running.  I mean, it just quit.  An hour later, another train diverted and picked us up, but instead of being at Logan Airport at 1830 I got there at 1920.  Okay, the plane wasn't to leave until 2120, so I had plenty of time.  Wound my way thru security, then proceeded on to the gate.  I noticed a blinking light on the Departure display, so I stopped to check it out and noticed it was MY flight that was now DELAYED.  It wasn't going to leave until 2250, according to the board.  But that's okay, as I had a 2hr 25 min layover in Iceland anyway.  The layover would be shorter.  All part of the adventure.

The plane, however, didn't leave until 2336, 2hrs 16min late.  Now my layover was 9 min, which really can't be done.  I checked with the flight crew, though, and they assured me that the plane from Iceland to England would wait for me, as the pilots on our flight were going to be the pilots on the next flight.  Reassured, I relaxed, and thought it was all part of the adventure.

As I look outside the window I can see the approaching daylight.  The moon is just a sliver in the sky.  The turbulence we're going through isn't too bad.  I had no idea what time it was, as I didn't carry a watch.  I was still tired from FD this past weekend, but my mind was winning the battle that "its light out- time to get up!"
over my body saying "More sleep!  More sleep!"

We got to Iceland late, transferred planes and took off.  Very smooth, trouble free.  Walked right through passport control, right through customs.  Estimated arrival in Gatwick was now 1400 local, about an hour later than scheduled.  \Even the landing in a thunderstorm- with lightning and pouring rain- didn't faze me. See, its just an adventure!

I still had to go through Passport Control, and it was a breeze.  Then I went to the carousel to pick up my bag.  And waited.  And waited.  Finally, the bags stopped coming, and I and about 30 other people were still waiting.  30 other people that had all got on the plane in- uh oh- Boston.

We trekked over to the Baggage information area, pretty secure that we had made the connection in Iceland but our baggage didn't.  Of course, the airline didn't know anything about it, but we filled out our paperwork and eventually left.  The only thing I'm sure of is that the baggage wasn't there.

I eventually wound my way through Gatwick, and found where to buy the train ticket to Blackfriars.  When I bought the ticket, the clerk told me that, due to a lighting strike that took out the main Control Panel in the Central Dispatch, the trains were all running late.  Sure enough, an hour later I was still waiting for a train to Blackfriar Station. One finally did come, and I got to the Hostel at shortly past 1700 local.

Even though it was threatening another thunderstorm, I was able to walk the 3 blocks to the Hostel and didn't get wet.  It was the first time I really smiled today.

I still have my K3, USB level converter, and headphones that were packed in my carry-on; everything else I need for my station was in my checked luggage.  I sure hope it shows up tomorrow!

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