Friday, July 1, 2011

Getting Ready for the Test

At the opening ceremonies tonight, the committee told us several items:
1. The rework dupes for credit time will be 30 minutes.  30 minutes after you've worked a station, you can work them again for points, so we will be using the N1MM LZOpen for 80M.
2. There will be 86 competitors.  That means in any 30 minute time period you can work 85 stations, so there will be a  possibility of 85x8 QSOs, or 760 QSOs.  I expect the winner will have over 450 QSOs in the 4 hours of the competition.
3.There will also be a team competition involved.  Fred K1VR and I will be teammates for the competition; teams will be ranked by the addition of the two scores.

Other timetable modifications:
1. 0500-0545Z: There will be a brief opening ceremony for the competition.
2. 0550-0610Z: Technical conference, drawing of lots for obtaining a competitors location and envelopes with callsigns.  There is speculation that all the calls will be LZ5xxx or LZ6xxx, or maybe a combination of both.
3. 0615-0730Z: Competitors report to their respective locations and set up there stations.  Set up will include the radio, all interconnecting cables, power supply, and the antenna.  For my station, I will be provided a generator running 115V and having US AC power jacks available, and a power supply that runs off 115V only.  I will also be provided a table, a chair, and an umbrella to shield me from the sun.  Many of the LZ competitors will be operating from their cars.  Since my K3 only has 10w output, I will be given one of the antennas that has an attenuator for a 10watt power level so I will have the same power to the antenna as all the rest of the competitors.
4. 0745Z: contestants will open their envelope with the callsign inside.
5. 0830-1229Z: the competition will be held.
6. 1230-1300Z: contestants will return to the center.
7. 1330Z: ALL logs must be submitted to the judges in electronic Cabrillo format.  Why so long a time? Some of the competitors will be hand logging, then creating the electronic file after the contest.  This gives them time to do so.
8. 1700Z: Awarding of winners.
9. 1730Z: Banquet.

Its going to be a full day.  I'm having trouble sleeping in anticipation of the day and because I took a nap earlier this afternoon.  I'm leaving the curtains open  in the bedroom, so that the sun coming up will naturally wake me.  I'm going to go back and try and fall asleep again.  If I get a chance to report back before the awards banquet tomorrow, I'll let you know my perceptions of the contest after completing it.

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