Sunday, July 10, 2011

On the Road Home

Its been quite a trip, but all trips must end.  I start the road home today; right now, I'm waiting for the car to take me to Sofia Airport.  I board the plane at Noon Sofia time for the flight to England.  After the hour 15 minute flight to Gatwick Airport (taking into account the time change), it will be off to the Hostel for one last night in England.   Then its back to Gatwick for the flight back to USA and Boston Tuesday afternoon, arriving in Boston (again with time change figured in) early evening.

Its been an amazing trip.  Bulgaria is a lovely country, with many unspoiled natural assets.  Most of the US people on the trip thought it looked a lot like Pennsylvania, although the population of Pennsylvania (12M) easily dwarfs the population of Bulgaria (8M).  But it has the gentle rolling hills and lots of arable farmland.  We also noticed the acres and acres of sunflowers that are grown here; we heard it was for the Biofuel use here.  We also noted that the sunflowers all faced east and were surprised at that until I read the Wiki on it- sunflowers when small are heliotropic (they follow the sun all day), but when they have a single full bloom they face east and don't move their flowers.  That would agree with what we saw off the roads.

Enough rambling.  The car is here, and I must go.

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